Because of the recent surge in popularity surrounding cannabidiol (aka CBD) products, which can be found in oils, balms, and food supplements (even alcoholic beverages!), users are feeling more obliged to come forward with their positive experiences and to spread the word about CBD.

To begin, if you’re completely new to CBD and what it is, CBD is completely legal within the UK because it contains at or below 0.2% THC content rendering it non-psychoactive to the user. The reasons why CBD has piqued the interest of the masses is due to claims circulating the public domain. Many people believe, based on their own experiences or the experiences of others, that CBD could significantly reduce anything from chronic pain or alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

Anywhere from typical 9-5 office workers, manual labourers, or stay-at-home parents could all be suffering from chronic pain on a daily bias, and CBD could be their answer. As well as your everyday workers, CBD products have found frequent endorsement from pop-culture icons such as Kristen Bell, Olivia Wilde, or even Jennifer Aniston.

Recharge has seen many positive reviews from its products in recent months. A very happy buyer, John, has spoken out in admiration at the changed Recharge products have made to his life living with chronic arthritis. Take a look at the video John has made about his CBD journey below:


John is a 52-year-old Engineer and has been living with a severe and chronic case of osteoarthritis in his right wrist, at the base of his thumb. As he discusses in his video, his opinion, most likely shared by many others, was that he was ‘sceptical’ towards CBD products at first. During his follow-up video, John discusses:

‘After a couple of days of taking this, the pain that I had in my right wrist, due to arthritis, had dulled away’.

It’s important to note though, as John states in his video, ‘it’s not a cure, but it does alleviate’.