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About Us

Who we are

Lead by medical and sporting professionals, Recharge provides the purest CBD sourced from one of California’s leading cannabis farms.

Our CEO and his team provide Health Services for over 60,000 patients across the UK over several clinics. He also has completed the UK Ironman Triathlon as well as complete several other triathlon events. Our background of medical and sporting professionals makes us passionate about the benefits of CBD to the wider public. Our experience of being part of local professional committees can be used to help positively develop the CBD industry.

It is our aim to work with the CBD industry to positively promote the benefits of CBD and be part of any steering groups to raise awareness, influence UK legislation and educate any arms length professions and end users.



CBD products have taken the health and fitness world by storm.

The many benefits of CBD have made it a popular supplement within the fitness world.

As CBD contains no psychoactive compounds that can be flagged in drug tests, it is safe for professionals and athletes to use as part of their regime building up to important events. The World Anti-Doping Agency lifted its ban on the use of CBD back in 2017.

Which product should I use for fitness?

We recommend using Recharge CBD Food Supplement oil drops. Food Supplement oil drops are less concentrated than our standard CBD Oil drops. Start with a very low dosage – we recommend half a dropper per day, to begin with.

Learn & Earn

The training platform will educate your staff on CBD; what it is, how it works, about its dosages, legislation, and more. It also includes two additional modules that focus on building confidence and knowledge in OTC sales and management strategies.

It will allow your team to be fully educated and reliably answer any CBD related queries in order to provide the best possible advice to your consumers; effectively increasing revenue for your business.


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